Construction Site Alarm System

Intruder Protection

While an alarm is just a reminder to wake in the morning for work and school for somebody else, it is a matter of more significance to an organization. Having an construction site alarm system helps you when you are not around to protect your business yourself. Seeing that you will not always be available, the alarm systems are designed to quickly react when there is something that needs your attention. Furthermore, you will be at ease knowing that you have installed comprehensive security measures to ensure that your assets, no matter how big or small, are guarded at all times.

Our customers are offered the most cost-effective and latest security measures. Our London-based team of highly-experienced and qualified professionals will ensure your residential property or construction site is protected from intruders through the use of our scaffold alarm systems, which have been approved by insurance companies.

With sensors being mounted on the scaffolding and being automatically triggered when a beam is interrupted, the central monitoring station will receive an immediate alert, resulting in the appropriate team response. All alarm activations will be logged and recorded by the centralized control unit, which has a backup should a power failure take place or the system be damaged.

Scaffold Alarm System Features:

  • Electronic Sensors Detect Movement
  • Central Monitoring Station
  • 24-hour Manned Response Unit
  • Control Unit Logging & Recording
  • Insurance Approved Systems
  • Rapid Response Team

Manned Response Unit

SecureX Security offers peace of mind that property is protected with construction site alarm system. Our services operate around the clock to provide manned response units, who manage any suspicious activities on your site. Our experience response unit ensures that all issues are rapidly resolved in a professional manner, ensuring that all procedures are maximized for security and safety of life and property.

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