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Commercial Door Entry Systems London

Door Entry Technology-Audio, Video Door Entry Installations 

Access control has been designed to managed entry and exit to any building, through the use of specific systems of mechanisms. Specific authorization or denial of entry/exit rights to property and assets are managed with customized door access systems to buildings where this methodology is in place.

The large customer base of SecureX Security has entrusted their property and assets to the company to deliver a total solution for controlled access solutions to ensure the security of their networks, cloud resources, facilities and assets.

Our comprehensive range of access control system products and commercial door entry systems in London allow for complete control of a long list of door entry systems. These include turnstiles, revolving/sliding doors, ordinary doors, gate entry systems, roller door access systems, gate entry systems and car park barrier systems.

Commercial Door Entry System Technology

Audio Door Entry System Installation

This door entry control system comes with an audio door entry control system. This specialized system enables visitors and door control personnel to communicate with one another prior to allowing access or exit. A remote system enables automatic door release or the door can be physically opened to enable entries and exits to a building.

Video Door Entry System Installation

This system offers a similar solution to the audio door entry system but also comes with video functionality. Additional security is incorporated in this system since real-time video recordings enable visitors to be viewed through the supporting equipment installed.

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