Burglar & Intruder Alarm Installation London

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Burglar & Intruder Alarm Installation London

Keeping Your Home and Family Safe & Secure with Smart Alarm Systems

We provide smart Residential Security Solutions to protect your home and family using modern technology to stay connected from wherever you are in the world. Through the use of smart phone apps you have complete remote access to your Alarm, CCTV and Door Entry systems. The majority of us don’t think about the consequences of a break-in or even that there is any need to install an effective security device until it is too late.  A burglar not only takes your possessions but also has a lasting impact on your phsychological state. 

Professional, Reliable and Competent

Gone are the days where an alarm system was just a ringing siren. With smart security you can have complete control of your CCTV, alarm system, door entry system, security lights and safety systems all working together to offer early warning of security and safety breaches, all remotely accessible from anywhere in the world.  We work with smart alarms integrated with CCTV such as Pyronix Enforcer, Pyronix Euro 46, Pyronix Euro 280, Daitem,Texecom, Scantronic, Visonic, Risco and Honeywell to name a few to ensure that your property is fully protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We can offer wired, wireless, hybrid alarm and fully battery operated systems. One of our expert engineers will visit your home and discuss the best preventative integrated security and safety alarm system that will suit your needs.  They will explain the systems available and make suggestions to where best to place devices such as internal and external motion detectors,external beams door sensors, window shock sensors, Co2 Sensors, smoke detectors, heat detector, flood sensors, panic buttons, medical emergency buttons and CCTV.  We are experienced in helping homeowners choose the best method of protecting their home whether it be with a simple burglar alarm system or integrated CCTV system. We can offer you a system which meets your requirements and budget.  Every system is installed with skill and care and our equipment is tested to guarantee reliability.  Our engineers will ensure you feel confident to use the system, view footage on external devices and will be able to answer any of your questions.

Install or Upgrade

If you require an installation or upgrade, look no further. Our security engineers are experts in offering integrated security & safety systems. 

We offer wired, wireless,fully battery operated and hybrid security and safety systems.

No cables, no fuss, no mess, mains free

Alarm installation design

Alarm installation design starts from the perimeter protection of the home.  We install alarm systems to prevent a break in activate and notify before an intruder has caused damage or broken into the home.   A well maintained alarm system fitted with a siren at the front and rear of your house is a visual deterrent that activates in the event of external or internal sensor being triggered.  The siren is a crucial part of the alarm system as it can clearly be seen from the outside.  A clean, well maintained siren indicates to a burglar that the premises are well protected and are therefore less likely to break in. 

The usual installation of a alarm system is to protect the entry points such as doors and windows with contacts and shock detectors and to protect entry routes and rooms with motion sensors.  This is particularly important for police response alarm systems as two devices are required to be activated before the alarm receiving centre can action police response.  The first activation of a device is known as an unconfirmed activation and the second is known as a confirmed activation This is to stop false or accidental alarms being responded to by the police.  In the event of a panic button or fire device being activated the alarm monitoring centre will action emergency response instantly.         

Most alarms are designed to activate once the intruder has broken into the property. Securex Security and Electrical designs an audible only system with external sensors fitted to the perimeter of the house to activate before an intruder has broken and caused damage to the property covering the key entrance points such as front of the property, side alleyways, rear doors and windows roof tops and weak entry points. External sensors installed in front of the property can give you both a silent notification, so you have time to alert police, or an audible alarm which could deter an intruder from carrying out the break in.

Time is a key factor in most burglaries. Burglars will only put themselves at risk of being caught for as little time as possible. For them the risks are highest in the short time they have to complete their burglary after a burglar alarm has gone off. To prevent burglaries effectively, you should delay burglars at these times for as long as possible in order to make the risk seem unacceptable. The best way to do this is to put your resources into more than one of the types or levels of physical protection.  The more barriers you create, the more you will slow them down, the less they will get away with.  Burglars typically try to get in and out as quickly as possible.  In order to disorientate a burglar and therefore minimise loss or even stop a burglary, we install 127db internal siren which has an unbearable amount of noise that no one can stand.  Many burglars will abandon their quest to force entry when they see a property protected with an alarm system which is obviously serviced regularly.

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